6 ways to achieve a Happy Retirement

It was great bumping into Chris, a long standing client, yesterday and I have to say he looked terrific, relaxed and happy with life. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with retirees as research in the US by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) indicates. The findings reveal that those who aren’t satisfied with their retirement are not from a specific economic group or gender but include, rich and poor, men and women, those with a good pension and those without.

There’s no doubt that high net worth and good health will generally lead to a happier retirement. However, those who retire due to health problems or are forced to do so will typically have a more difficult time than those who have a well planned retirement – now this is where we can help and it’s not all about the money.

So what can retirees do to have a long and happy retirement? Recent research shows some surprising results…

Develop a positive attitude towards retirement

Research has shown that those viewing retirement as a next stage of life with positive mental and physical benefits have a longer and happier retirement.

Decide what is most meaningful in your life

Ask yourself what would bring the greatest satisfaction, delight and pleasure as soon as possible and then plan to do it as soon as you are able – no excuses.

Be sociable

In retirement it is important to replace work relationships and the loss of others through death or moving away with new friendships. Loneliness and isolation is a killer so get out and socialise.

Look after your health

This is obvious but many health problems can be avoided by exercise and a healthy diet. Chris is a great example of this; he lives in Portugal for most of the year, plays tennis, walks the dog and eats healthily.

Consider a senior living community

Now I did say that this was American based research, but this has indicated that ageing in a community can be better for you than aging alone in your big house.


I know this is more popular in the US but meditation improves health, increases empathy, reduces stress, sharpens your mind, increases your creativity, reduces chronic pain and increases your overall happiness.

So, there we go; Its not all about the money. What is important is to ask yourself what you truly want from life in retirement and then we can help you to plan so that you have enough money to do it!