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We believe that risk and reward go hand in hand. The holy grail of high returns at a very low or little risk does not exist. Increasing your exposure to higher-risk assets has historically improved long-term returns for investors.

Every individual will have a different perception of, and tolerance to, 'risk'. However, prior to deciding where you sit on the 'risk-scale' it is important that we consider 3 things: -

Willingness to
take risk

Ability to
take a risk

Need to
take risk

We feel that it is vital that at an early stage we determine with you how much risk you are prepared to accept in order to achieve your aspirations, since this will ultimately determine what rate of return it is reasonable for you to expect. We can then compare this against the rate of return you need to meet your objectives and hold a meaningful discussion in line with your expectations and your ability to take risk. 

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