Monthly Archives: August 2016

Finding Life’s Balance

There’s nothing quite like a summer holiday to ‘recharge the batteries’ and bring a little balance back to your life.

As you read this, I will hopefully be sunning myself on the beach or maybe even enjoying a nice lunch with a glass of vino!  I almost said I will be having a ‘restful time’, but as those of you with young children will know; children and restful are not words which often fall into the same sentence.


Sorry everyone, unfortunately this is not the first part of the winning EuroMillions numbers; these are the results of some research undertaken by the Oxford Health Alliance.

 As Financial Planners, we talk a lot about protecting yourself; whether that be life cover, illness cover, income cover, family or business cover.   But, we hardly ever talk about health promotion and prevention – which can encourage better health, longer life and (now the financial point) cheaper premiums for you for the protection policies we recommend!