The 7 most important financial planning tips for business owners

Learn what questions to ask, when and on what topics to ensure you are getting the most out of your valuable business advisers. 


Is your adviser approaching these in the right way, and asking the right questions?


Do you pay an appropriate amount for the advice you receive?


69% of UK SMEs are family businesses. Does your planning take your family (and your business) into account?

Exiting your business

Has your adviser discussed this with you and what questions should you be asking?


Carpenter Rees have taken the time to understand the dynamics of the family and the family business and have advised us expertly over many years.


 Madeleine Lindley Limited 


We have been delighted with the help and advice provided to both our business and the family by Carpenter Rees. They really understand families in business and their unique issues.

 Francis Kirk & Son