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We believe that investing is about doing a few simple things in a disciplined fashion and not letting any emotion, ours or yours, influence investment decisions. The investment portfolio must be aligned to your own appetite for risk, together with the need for financial returns to meet your financial objectives.

Our investment philosophy is based upon sound academic research over many decades, and, as a result, our approach to investment management is based upon the following principles:

Markets work

Share market prices are generally efficient as the price is set on known information and based upon supply and demand and therefore reflects a fair price.

Investment not speculation

Markets are efficient and therefore work against investors and fund mangers who try to beat it through stock picking or market timing.

Apply discipline over the long term

Taking a long term approach to your investments has historically rewarded long-term investments with growth above inflation. Ignore the headlines which could tempt you away from a properly diversified portfolio and encourage you to make spur of the moment decisions.

Diversification works

Diversification across investment in the main asset classes of shares, fixed interest, property and cash can reduce risk without destroying the returns. Investing globally further reduces the risks and volatility within your investment portfolio.

It is impossible to consistently time the markets

Missing out on the best few days in the market reduces your long-term returns – long-term investors are best served by staying in the market.

Minimise investment costs

It is important that you retain most of the investment growth achieved rather than these being eaten up by investment management fees. In some market conditions, there is no doubt that some actively managed funds will outperform but the evidence is unequivocal that this is virtually impossible to achive on a consistent basis.

Focus on what you can control

Create your plan and stick to it; structure your investment portfolio by diversifying broadly, keeping expenses low and applying discipline.


To ensure the portfolio continues to meet your appetite for risk and your financial aspirations, it is necessary to rebalance the asset classes on a regular basis, and we generally suggest this is done annually.

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